Humourology - The Serious Business of Humour at Work

Showing Your True Colours - Fourteen stories of people who figured out why they were born and learned to live their truth - and how you can too

A complete and practical methodology for building a talent pipeline based on individual capability and an evidence-based approach to performance management.

Told through the stories of twelve entrepreneurs at various stages of their enterprises and with differing aspirations and visions, The Authentic Entrepreneur weaves together the threads of wisdom that will help you to not only build your own business, but build a business that is right for you, right for the world and right for the future.

This book gives you 52 conscious tools, one for every week of the year, to help you to live consciously as you embrace life and continue your evolving journey.

Aviation expert and professional coach Mark Dias shows you how to master your own internal autopilot to create an effortless, simplified life with clarity, transformation and accountability. Simplifly your life today!

The Six Traits of Self-Leadership - How to Create a Life of Success and Happiness

Open up a whole new world of exploration with your coaching clients with Projective Coaching Techniques from internationally recognised coaching and personal development expert Peter Freeth.

Learn the simple secrets to creating a sustainable coaching practice from Master Coach Peter Freeth.

Leaders all over the world are talking about the ‘war for talent’. They tell us about the need for organisations to build succession plans and develop the leaders of tomorrow, and they invest in leadership and talent programs to develop a ‘talent pool’ to make sure that a lifetime of valuable business knowledge isn’t lost at a critical moment.

Move Beyond Coaching Models and Learn to Create Powerful Change

NLP in Business is the everyday, practical companion guide that helps you to apply the principles and techniques of NLP in your professional environment, easily, powerfully and elegantly, with full, in-depth sections devoted to a range of valuable business applications.

Your corporate guide to writing customer-generating marketing communications.

Paul Boross and Scott Quinnell have teamed up to combine their expertise in rugby and leadership to produce their latest book, complete with a foreword by renowned rugby manager Sir Clive Woodward.

Michael Heath's research shows you how to match the right mentor to the right student to get the best results for both,

Applying for a job isn't easy. Lurking beneath the surface of any job application process are a number of hidden traps; icebergs that could send your hopes for a dream job spiralling to the ocean floor.

Your DIY guide to writing customer-generating marketing communications.

DIY and Self Serve Market Research

An Outspoken Guide to Working With Headhunters, Advancing Your Career and Reaching Enlightenment... Without the Sugarcoating

A business novel which follows the life and fortunes of a manufacturing plant manager as he learns to implement lean manufacturing, saving both his plant and his career. Through the plant manager's story, you'll learn not only how to implement lean principles but, more importantly, how to make them work, practically and successfully.

The CEO and Board Member's Survival Guide

Strategic Governance For Small to Mid-Cap Entrepreneurial Organizations That Capitalizes on Opportunities and Minimizes Risk

Mcommerce is quickly gaining traction, with many recent surveys predicting that growth to continue. However, for many organisations, it is little understood.

The Unsticker is an amazing creative problem solving tool. Take even the stickiest, most challenging problem, ask yourself random questions from the book and, after just 4 or 5 questions, BANG! and the problem's gone!

This is the definitive NLP Trainer Training Manual, containing everything that you need to teach NLP at the Trainer level of SNLP certification.

The simple, straight talking, no nonsense guide to being the best sales negotiator.

The Pocket Pitching Bible is the companion guide to the author's first book and Amazon top seller, The Pitching Bible. Carry this pocket guide with you and never be unprepared for a pitch again.

Pitch Up! takes Paul Boross' 25 years of experience in pitching and applies it to the world of job hunting and career development.

Genius at Work shows you how to identify and model your high performers and then use the results in the design and delivery of everything from recruitment and selection processes, interviewing and induction training to performance management, talent management and knowledge management processes.

The NLP Practitioner Manual is a complete companion for any NLP Practitioner training. You can read it as 'an Introduction to NLP' and follow along with the techniques and exercises, and you can use it to add depth to any NLP Practitioner training you've already attended, to fill in the gaps and show you how to really use NLP.

This is the definitive NLP Master Practitioner Manual, containing everything that you need to model talents and create custom techniques in any situation.

The Evolutionary Approach to Organisational Change

The Radically Sensible Approach to 21st Century Learning

The plain, simple, sensible approach to selling - equally valuable for both product and service sales.

The simple, straight talking, no nonsense guide to The Perfect Sales Meeting

The simple, straight talking, no nonsense guide to The Perfect Sales Call

The Pitching Bible is everything you need to know to get your message across; professionally, powerfully and persuasively. Representing 25 years of the author's unique experience in business pitching and pitching in the music, stage, television, film and entertainment industries, the author's 'Seven Secrets of a Successul Pitch' are proven in pitches and sales presentations made all over the world in all markets.

The Business Cohesion Model is a structure for developing your brand and business model, aligning people and teams within the brand to drive high performance and business success.

Aunt Tilly just can't get it together. After a successful beginning as a restaurateur, she moves her restaurant to an upscale community and flops. Literally within weeks of declaring bankruptcy she invites a restaurant management consultant to analyze her operations and save her business.

Today's executive job market is fiercely competitive, and executives must market their value to organizations using a diverse range of channels and tactics.

Here's the shocking truth: The Mob is infiltrating its bright, ambitious and loyal young men and women into America's top corporations. You might think that, in reading this book, you can use these methods yourself to gain an unfair career advantage. But look over your shoulder; the newcomer in your company may be an undercover gangster.

"I am so very sorry..."

The words were out. My mouth was dry, my heart was thumping, and my despair was clearly visible.

And so began Trudie and Lloyd Thompson's heart breaking 12 year journey of IVF treatment, losing a business and even bankruptcy.

In Choosing a CRM Vendor, Andrew Schultz shares both his objective advice and the hard earned 'insider secrets' that you will find invaluable in making the right CRM vendor decision.