The Six Traits of Self-Leadership - How to Create a Life of Success and Happiness

ISBN 978-1-908293-46-6

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All leadership starts with self-leadership, following your own inspiration and leading your life by your own principles. 

Those who achieve their best and have success and happiness, do so because they do not allow their past to hold them back; nor do they spend their days dreaming about a better future. They take ownership of their present situation, accept where it is they are in life, and then take the time and invest the energy in setting out where it is they want their life to be. In doing so, they show the hallmark of being a self-leader within their own life. Only they now go further and live the life of a self-leader – taking the action necessary to see the future they want for their life actually become a reality.

Self-leadership is not only about envisioning a better future, it is also about believing in every fibre of your being, being convinced that you are the one to make this future come true. It is about the belief that you are the one to assume the responsibility for transforming the present into something  better for yourself and those around you.

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