Open up a whole new world of exploration with your coaching clients with Projective Coaching Techniques from internationally recognised coaching and personal development expert Peter Freeth.

ISBN 978-1-908293-53-4

Have you ever struggled to get the whole picture from your coaching clients? Perhaps they have found it difficult to articulate what's really going on inside? Maybe you've thought that sometimes, trying to put abstract concepts into words can be a barrier in itself?

If only there was a way to see deeply into your clients' minds and reach beyond the limits of language. If only there was a way to explore complex issues without reliving old stories.

Well, there is, using a range of 'projective' coaching techniques in which we use an external canvas onto which the client can project a metaphor of what's going on for them, and together, the coach and client can interact with the metaphor to bring a rich, vivid understanding and insightful new ideas for change.

The projective coaching tools shared in this book open up a whole new world of exploration with your clients. You can use them with one client or with groups. You can use them again and again and get different results each time. You can use them to explore when questions are not helping and you can use them for the clients and the situations when words are simply not enough.

Peter Freeth shares a number of projective techniques in this book, both artistic that you can use in a wide range of situations, from one to one coaching sessions through to corporate and team development events, to bring a new angle, and a new sense of magic to your work.

Peter Freeth is a talent and leadership coach, author, speaker and innovator of some of the world's most exciting coaching tools.