Humourology - The Serious Business of Humour at Work


ISBN 978-1-908293-58-9

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Laughter is a social currency. It’s a bond. It’s a gift meant to be shared. Laughing together means that we share values, we share life experiences, we share hopes and dreams. Laughing together creates a connection that can last a lifetime. A sense of humour is your most important asset in surviving an increasingly complex and challenging world. A sense of humour builds your mental resilience and makes your more likeable and these two things together will make your success in life, and in business, inevitable. Humourology is simply the art and science of using humour to create competitive advantage.

Comedian, business psychologist, pop star and keynote speaker Paul Boross brings his lifetime of experience to bear on the greatest challenge of the 21st century - how to have more fun and more success at work. Through his Humourology podcast, Paul interviews comedians, politicians, entrepreneurs and psychologists to uncover their secrets and in this book, he shares those extraordinary insights to make the world of work a better, happier, funnier place.

“Paul Boross has captured the role humour can play as a catalyst for change and as a driver of lasting success.” Alastair Campbell

“What a funny book!” Jon Plowman

“There are funny books and there are business books but this is a first - a funny business book. The stories are engaging, the message is clear and the results are compelling. This is definitely one book that will leave a lasting impression on you!” Alistair McGowan

“Humourology is a wise, timely and necessary guide for all those living and leading in these turbulent and unpredictable times. You won’t be able to put it down, but you might drop it a few times whilst laughing out loud.” René Carayol

“As a producer for some of the world’s best known comedians I've learned that while everyone’s got the ability to be funny, like any skill, it’s worth investing in. Humourology gives you the knowledge and insights to do that.” James Longman

“Humour is one of those universal human pleasures which perhaps evolved in some way as an aid to human cooperation and joint decision making. Why then do almost all business books assume that business has to be conducted with a po-face and in deadly earnest? Thankfully Paul Boross has finally put this right.” Rory Sutherland

“Everyone thinks they know about humour but few study and master it. Paul Boross has done so, and the result is important and insightful reading for anyone who wants to improve their relations with others and understand how humour works.” Lord William Hague

“Humour is and has always been both a powerful weapon as well as a powerful defence against the surprises that life throws at us. Paul Boross has captured the role humour can play as a catalyst for change and a driver of lasting success.” Alastair Campbell

“Useful and funny in equal measure!” Clive Bull

“Humour and dance share a sense of flow, precision timing and meticulous planning. Paul has brought all of this together to show that anyone can bring their own unique humour into whatever they love doing to perform at their very best.” Dame Arlene Phillips

“Paul Boross is one of the very few people who can write about humour without making you want to poke your eyes out with a sharp stick.” Guy Jenkin