The simple, straight talking, no nonsense guide to The Perfect Sales Call

ISBN 978-1-908293-33-6

April 2015

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Every customer relationship begins with a sales call, and in an age where social media and online marketing are becoming increasingly popular, the simple act of picking up a telephone and making a connection with a new customer has more impact than ever.

Learning to make perfect sales calls isn't always easy, yet Tony Morris has both the personal sales experience and the sales training credentials to share the secrets of success with you, helping you make the most of this powerful channel.

Tony Morris is the MD of Sales Doctors, an organisation dedicated to improving sales results for its clients. Sales Doctors have trained sales people in over 150 companies, achieving results such as increasing referals by over 65% and conversion rates by over 40%.


If you are in the business of using the telephone to increase sales, either proactively or reactively, this is the book for you. It covers everything from mind-set, objective setting, word psychology and plenty more.

It is filled with practical tips and strategies as well as exercises. I would highly recommend this to anyone in the business of selling.

Frank Furness CSP – International Speaker & Author