Peter Freeth is an expert in the science and practice of learning delivered through professional education programs, a speaker, author and executive coach.

Peter is an author of more than 20 books to date, a recognised conference presenter, an electronics engineer by education, maker of just about anything that seems like a challenge and a highly experienced and tactful supporter of the changes that you want to make but have been putting off.

With experience of all market sectors in almost 50 countries, Peter has worked with leadership teams in some of the world's most recognised businesses, solving real problems and making a measurable impact on performance, including doubling of sales conversion rates, a 25% reduction in graduate development time and a 700% increase in profitability.

Genius is in the business of creating knowledge. The word 'genius' doesn't mean a smart or special person, it actually means a protective spirit which inspires you, which guides you throughout your life. We each have genius, we each have talents which we learn through our lifetime and which most people pass on to future generations only by accident. The mission of Genius is to accelerate that process, to give everyone the opportunity to share their personal genius. Part of Genius provides professional education and coaching, the other part, Genius Media, is a full service publisher of business books. Together, the entire Genius business captures, creates and shares knowledge for the benefit of everyone.

I create medium to large scale talent and leadership development programs which drive business performance and deliver measurable results. I know, they all say that, just because they get good scores on happy sheets. Well, how about doubling sales conversion rates, or 700% increase in profitability? I don't aim for happy delegates, I aim for high performing delegates. And when they get career development, better opportunities, promotion, and when the business gets performance over target, increased retention and increased internal promotion, everyone is happy.

All of my work has an aspect of culture change, because culture is an emergent property of collective behaviour. When people learn, they change what they do, and when they change what they do, the culture changes. I wrote a book about this, Change Magic, now in its third edition.

Finally, my organisational development work frequently translates into 1:1 coaching, because coaching can be a very cost effective development method for the right people.

Fundamentally, I create knowledge. Some clients grab that opportunity and grow their business on that foundation of knowledge. And some don't. It's their choice.

"Peter's support was vital in; Helping me recruit 25 new team members and bringing almost all of them to quota, In selling £300,000,000 in two years, landing milestone deals in a new market and new technology area, and in giving our executive confidence in our growth that generated their investment of time and resources."

Guy Wood, Director, Sales Development, CGI

Peter’s published expertise is in modelling high performers, extracting the hidden, innate perceptions and behaviours which drive consistently outstanding results and give a unique and realistic insight into the culture of an organisation.

"Peter Freeth has the rare talent. His training approach engages your brain at a level deeper than mere understanding, he helps you to learn how to teach yourself, to question and challenge your beliefs and perceptions rather than just regurgitating a bunch of information and techniques."

 John Lesley, Customer Service Coach, Just Retirement

Corporate programs range from short management and sales workshops to long term performance coaching and step change programs spanning a year of activity across multiple continents.

"He is one of the best trainers I have seen and worked with. He has the ability to bring out the best in people through putting them at ease. I will strongly recommend Peter for Executive Coaching and Leadership Programs."

Nitin Thakur, Head Talent Management - Asia Pacific, Rockwell Automation

Personal programs range from short masterclasses to licensed programs at Practitioner, Master Practitioner and Trainer levels in the UK, Spain, India and more.

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