Bill Gaw is the founder of Business Basics, LLC, publisher of the Lean Manufacturing, Best Practices Bulletin and president of the Lean manufacturing Academy. A "been there, done that," operational excellence advocate. His mission is to help individuals and companies realize their full growth and earning potentials.

Bill Gaw’s management experience spans more than 35 years. During those years, Bill has held positions as a shop expediter, planner/buyer, gemba supervisor, operations manager, COO, president and partner in the consultant practice, Stillman & Gaw. 

As a business leader, he participated in three successful business turnarounds. In each case, his teams implemented operational excellence principles and techniques that brought sanity to the day-to-day operations, eliminated the stress of end-of-the-month scrambling, and created a fun work environment while increasing bottom-line performance. 

Bill's Operational Excellence Learning Lab

Using business experiences as a learning lab, Bill methodically researched and tested business ideas, practices, processes and systems relative to how they contributed to operational excellence and bottom line improvement. 

Bill was able to isolate operations principles and techniques that were crucial to establishing a solid foundation for individual and company success. Through these experiences, he identified relevant problem solving tools, techniques and team empowerment guidelines for implementing and sustaining a continuous improvement Program.

Sharing the Knowledge and Implementation Know How

In order to share this powerful knowledge with the broadest possible audience, Mr. Gaw published eight lean manufacturing management development e-tutorials and seven team training e-products.