Android and iPhone apps are becoming an important way to connect authors with readers in an interactive and dynamic way. Our app development service gives you the opportunity to bring your book to life with additional content, tools, games and communication methods.

 Many business authors have books which readily lend themselves to app development, for example creating a particular tool or checklist in a handy electronic format, or enabling a customised communication channel between the author and their readers.

To support this, we've launched an app development service where we'll design, create and publish an app for just £200*

The service is designed for relatively simple apps which support a print or ebook, however if you more complex ideas then by all means get in touch with some details and we'll get our developer to estimate the cost.

Here's an example of an app that we've developed recently, produced in two versions so that the author can judge which is most popular with readers.

The Unsticker

* £200 is for Android. iPhone apps require additional setup costs because Apple are greedy. At the moment, we have no plans to develop iPhone apps because of the barriers that Apple put in the way of app development.